NIAS is closely connected to the University of Copenhagen through a host institution agreement with the Department of Political Science, which has administrative and legal responsibility for NIAS.

Even though administratively NIAS is an integral part of Copenhagen University, it maintains its separate identity as an independent research institute, with its own strategy and research policy.

Organizationally, NIAS comprises a board, editor-in-chief, chief librarian, research staff, and support staff, and is led by director Geir Helgesen. NIAS is also home to NIAS LINC – the Library and Information Centre – and NIAS Press.

Within the Nordic setting, NIAS staff are known for their high level of dedication and professionalism.

Finance and Funding

NIAS is funded through support from the Nordic Council of Ministers, the University of Copenhagen and the members of the Nordic NIAS Council (NNC). Specific projects are funded through a bottom-up, project-based model through which external funds are acquired. This results in high standards both for research quality as well as in research support and dissemination services.