NIAS: Global Outreach, Nordic Value

Make a difference with NIAS

NIAS has always focused on creating Nordic Value based on knowledge sharing and collaboration, and we perceive it from three different viewpoints:

The Research theme

Our research theme Mapping the Human Landscapes of EurAsia: Dealing with Cultural Differences in a Globalized World​ serves as a common research programme that seeks to include all activities at NIAS drawing on the available resources in an optimal way. In-house and external researchers have formed a research network, and NIAS LINC is a virtual focal point for information and knowledge on Asian studies. Together with NIAS Press these services/resources provide communication and dissemination channels for research discussions and findings produced both within the programme itself and by the research networks affiliated with the programme.


As globalization and new web tools have dramatically lessened the obstacles to cooperation between widely dispersed groups of researchers, we recognize that only through networked research can truly comparative cross-cultural studies be made. Therefore we actively seek to establish EurAsian research collaborations and networks.

Information and dissemination

NIAS provides a space for researchers to meet, share and collaborate. We support and improve research by assisting Nordic scholars throughout the research and dissemination processes; from access to resources to research communication and dissemination, using the newest and most effective social media tools.