Networks and Centres

  • Gendering  Asia Network

Cecilia Milwertz, Senior researcher, NIAS

The Gendering Asia Network provides a forum for exchange of knowledge and contacts among scholars and students working on gender and Asia. The Network aims to strengthen research and teaching on gender and Asia in the Nordic countries by facilitating contacts both internally among Nordic scholars and students, and also externally between academia in the Nordic countries and our counterparts in Asia and elsewhere in the world.

The network is led by a steering group consisting of members from each of the five Nordic countries. NIAS serves as focal point for network meetings and other joint activities.


  • KRiC – Korea Research & Information Center at NIAS

Geir Helgesen, Director, NIAS

The Korean peninsula in East Asia hosts two different and extremely interesting political and economic systems. Most of the time they are at odds with each other, while both needs peace and stability to develop safe and secure societies. Korea has been in focus at NIAS for more than 25 years, our library maintains a considerable Korea collection, our research activity includes the Korean peninsula and we have good contacts north as well as south of the demarcation line, the 38th Parallel.

The Korea Research & Information Center (KRiC) can be seen as an area-specific think-tank providing research-based information on current Korean affairs to ministries, business enterprises, media, and civil institutions and organizations. We also offer data search, updated web resources and occasional lectures and workshops on topical affairs.

KRiC can be reached at:


  • Mapping the Cultural Mindscapes of EurAsia

Geir Helgesen, director, NIAS

In 2010 NIAS established a Nordic South Korean Research Network with support from NordForsk and from the Academy of Korean Studies. The network is based on a mutual interest in our two corners of the EurAsian continent. Our Asian colleagues are increasingly developing interests in ideas and practices characterizing the Nordic region; Nordic researchers from different fields, but mainly within the social sciences and the humanities, are increasingly focusing on East Asia, where Korea is centrally located.

After an inaugural meeting in Copenhagen in mid-2010 the Korean network members organized a conference in Seoul later that year entitled Mapping the Two Corners of EurAsia in Comparative Ideas, Society and Politics. Our Korean counterparts at Yonsei University have also established a Program for Nordic Studies, which the network will help to develop and expand. In 2011 the network met in Reykjavik in an East West dialogue on the concept of Harmony.

The network was created in order to prepare the establishment of a research programme entitled Mapping the Human Landscapes of EurAsia. At present the network includes members from all the Nordic countries and from South Korea. Colleagues from Japan, China, and India have approached us to link up with the network.  A research proposal: “The Promise and Challenge of EurAsia. Cultural Interactions in Ideas, Society and Politics”, awaits funding.

Project coordinator: Geir Helgesen
Previous funding: NordForsk & Academy of Korean Studies
Timeframe: 2010- ongoing.