Network Support

In the Nordic region researchers and students focusing on Asia may be scattered or isolated in small research environments. As part of this work to strengthen Nordic Asian studies, NIAS does its best to initiate and support networks across different institutions within the 5 Nordic countries. Networks facilitate the meeting of people and new ideas; they create collaboration among researchers with a similar focus.

Networking is integral to NIAS’ mode of operation. NIAS aims at promoting synergy within the Asia research community in the Nordic region. Networks are essential for maintaining a dynamic programme of research, dissemination, research education, library services, conferences, workshops and guest lectures. The SUPRA programme provides a possibility for members of the Nordic networks, who focus on different aspects or regions of Asia, to apply for financial support for activities within the networks, e.g. conferences and workshops.

If you wish to apply for support to a workshop/seminar or other activity organized by your network, please send an e-mail to, containing the name of the network, where it is based and a short description of the event.