How to use NIAS

NIAS is staffed by professionals with a wealth of skills, knowledge and experience, and host to a wide array of opportunities.

As such, NIAS has something to offer anyone who has an interest in modern Asia. This is particularly true of persons or institutions working with or researching modern Asia and located in one of the five Nordic countries.

Take part in the NIAS research environment

NIAS offers students and researchers access to our digital library resources, open research community and friendly atmosphere. The NIAS SUPRA programme offers scholarships and workplaces for MA and PhD students as well as resources for guest researchers.

Furthermore, NIAS’ new research theme Mapping the Human Landscapes of EurAsia. Dealing with Cultural Differences in a Globalized World acts as an extensive research umbrella under which Nordic and other scholars can collaborate and share knowledge. At present, researchers from East and South Asia together with colleagues from the Nordic region are involved in the preparation of this project.

Use our networks

With a mandate to support studies on Asia in the Nordic region, NIAS hosts and supports a broad network of individuals, institutions and interest groups.

Find and be found through our research information resources

Through NIAS Press and NIAS LINC – the Library and Information Centre, we can offer:

  • Access to the AsiaPortal with online information resources focusing on modern Asia, including databases and e-books
  • Publication by northern Europe’s only Asian Studies Press
  • Access to Asia in Focus – a Nordic Journal on Asia for early career researchers

In addition, you can: